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Chinese Five Spice Powder

Chinese Five Spice Powder
Centuries old classic spice that excites all the senses.

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Our Organics Chinese Five–Spice Powder is a bold spice blend: at once sweet, sour, piquant, bitter, pungent and salty. Touching every single one of your taste bud is widely known to be a benefit in Asian cultures. It is popular in Chinese dishes, but used in traditional Cantonese and Vietnamese cuisine, too. Fantastic in stir–fries, stews and curries. Add Our Organics Chinese Five–Spice Powder to your recipe at the beginning to bring out the full flavor in every bite, full integration of its flavor is essential in trying this spice! Very powerful and strong taste, so it should be used in small amounts.

  • Certifications USDA Organic
  • Ingredients Star anise, Fennel seed powder, Cinnamon powder, Clove powder, Schizandra , Amla powder
  • Shelf-Life 3 years