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Peppermint Power Up Food Topping

Peppermint Power Up Food Topping
A revitalizing blend of protein rich seeds, delicious chocolates, and fresh mint flavors! 

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eSutras Natual Peppermint Power Up is a delicious food topping thats is packed with healthy and organic fruits, nuts, and chocolate. The energizing and refreshing power of mint is balanced with the amino acid trytophan in the pumpkin seeds that convert to serotonin in your body, possibly giving you a better nights sleep. Pumpkin Seeds also have high levels of protein which can make you feel fuller and may stabalize blood sugar. Help support your immunity with the anti-oxidant, nutrient dense, energy boosting mix! You can add a table spoon to your cereal for breakfast, create a sweet and crunchy salad, or perk up you smoothie flavor with this invigorating and healthy snack!