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Lime Ginger Salt

Lime Ginger Salt
A rich tasting spice. The fresh and unique taste of ginger enriched with the exotic taste of lime will make a delicious addition to any dish.

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Ginger Lime Salt is a peppery fresh taste, enhanced with the bold citrus flavor of lime. It has many culinary uses as well as being good for your health. Ginger has long been known to help digestion as well as stimulate appetite. Enrich your weekly stir–fry or add to a stew. Pairs well with lighter tasting food like fish, chicken, or tofu. Sprinkle a bit before baking or grilling and get a tangy and aromatic dish.

  • Ingredients Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, Ginger, Lime oil, Ginger oil, Extracts of Lime, Lemon, Galangal and Ginger
  • Shelf-Life 5 years