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Grape Seed Oil

Grape Seed Oil
Virtually odorless; no distinctive smell makes this oil exceptionally attractive because it makes flavors stand out in a finished dish.

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Ingredients – 100% Grape seed Oil

An exotic oil with a clean light and nutty taste, and a high smoke point approximately 420 Fahrenheit, making it safe to cook at high temperature. High in linoleic acid and polyunsaturated fat makes this the ideal culinary oil for diet cautious eater. Virtually odorless, this oil is exceptionally attractive to chefs who use it to make flavors stand out and not be overpowered by arduous flavored oil. eSutras Organics Grape seed Oil is colorless and can be widely used in cooking. Grape seed oil can be used for stir–fries, sautèing, and fondue. It can be used in baking, frying, salad dressings, marinades and sauces. It can even be used as an ingredient in making mayonnaise!

  • Ingredients grape seed oil
  • Shelf-Life 2 years