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Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Organic

Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Organic
Extra virgin olive oil has been proven, and is approved by the FDA to reduce weight and help maintain heart health.

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Ingredients — 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

USDA — Certified Organic

Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from a 600 year old olive oil farm in Italy. A product of Italian sustainable agriculture. Extra virgin olive oil has been proven, and is approved by the FDA to reduce weight and help maintain heart health. eSutras Organics Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted from the cold pressing of organic olives by traditional methods that guarantee all the pure nutrients and full taste of a freshly pressed oil. The slightly pungent aftertaste unmistakable in the first months of use is courtesy of the high content of phenols and tocopherols, a natural antioxidant that has beneficial properties.

Research shows that replacing other fat intakes with monounsaturated fat, (the kind found in olive oil) helps people lose a moderate amount of weight without additional food restriction or physical activity. So just imagine what adding a lower–calorie diet and increased physical activity (which is always a good idea) to the consumption of monounsaturated fats like olive oil could do for your weight–loss efforts. A number of studies showed that when people substituted monounsaturated–fat–rich olive oil for saturated fat, they either maintained their weight or lost weight. A diet high in monounsaturated fat and low in carbohydrates actually resulted in more weight loss than a low–fat, high–carbohydrate diet. Some scientific evidence suggests that eating about 2 tbsp. of olive oil daily may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease due to the monounsaturated fat in olive oil.

Aside from its great health benefits it's also highly regarded in the cooking world as a tasty, clean, cooking oil. Baking sautèing and replacement of regular culinary vegetable oils in recipes are all recommended uses of this fantastic oil.

  • Certifications USDA Organic
  • Ingredients extra virgin olive oil