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Klip Dagga

Klip Dagga
The leaves are brewed as a tea for fever, coughs, womb prolapse and malaria.

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Botanical name: (Leonotis nepetifolia)

Also Known As: Lion's ear, wild dagga or shandilay

Native to tropical Africa and southern India, it can also be found growing abundantly in some parts of MexicoIt grows to a height of 3 meters and has whorls of striking lipped flowers, that are most commonly orange, but can vary to red, white, and purple. It has very soft serrated leaves that can grow up to 4 inches wide.

The leaves are brewed as a tea for fever, coughs, womb prolapse and malaria. Wild dagga foliage is commonly made into a medicinal tea, which is favored for the hypnotic focus it gives.

Wild Dagga leaf or roots are widely used as a remedy for snakebite and also to relieve other bites and stings. Decoctions of dried wild dagga leaf or root have been applied externally to treat boils, eczema, skin diseases and itching, and muscular cramps.

Wild dagga extracts are also used to relieve coughs, cold and influenza, as well as bronchitis, high blood pressure and headaches. Leaf infusions have been used to treat asthma and viral hepatitis. Wild dagga tea is also used to treat headache, bronchitis, high blood pressure and the common cold. This species is also important in Chinese/Vietnamese medicine as an euphoric and purgative.

Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We at eSutras do not recommend internal use of supplements or herbs without prior consultation with your doctor or herbalist.

  • Ingredients Klip Dagga
  • Shelf-Life 3 years